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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Jenny Bristow Charis Cookbook Signing

Jenny Bristow  is one of Ireland’s most celebrated local good food ambassador’s, TV cooks and cookery writers whose cookery programmes have travelled the world.

Her latest collaboration with Charis Cancer Care sees the chef creating inspirational recipes for a healthier way of life.

The Cooking with Charis cookbook, priced at £7.99, is available from the airport information desk from Weds 26th Feb. 

We caught up with Jenny  to discover her relationship with food and wellbeing:

What is the inspiration behind the cookbook and how did you get involved with Charis?

This is an inspirational cookery book for a healthier way of life, containing delicious recipes, intended as a general guide and not as a substitute for professional medical advice. There is a great need to provide modern day recipes which are quick and easy to cook, affordable for all, using the best of our local season produce. I am delighted to be involved with Charis and support their excellent work.

What is your favourite recipe in the book and why?

My favourite recipe is the Roasted yellow pepper soup, with Basil cream, for me there is no better food to warm body and soul, than sipped with good crusty bread.

Do you think cooking is a form of therapy?

Cooking for me was never a chore or meant to be. I think you will all find the simplicity of these recipes are accessible to everyone, despite their individual cooking skills.

What does healthy eating mean to you?

A healthier way of life is an achievable goal for everyone, I am a firm believer you are what you eat, and I am sure you will discover that healthier recipes are much easier to prepare and cook.

Tell us about a time a recipe hasn’t quite gone to plan?

Souffles and sauces are not for the faint hearted when it comes to cooking, especially if you are under pressure. The Rissoto, paella and sodabread are comforting recipes to make - so just enjoy.

Can a complete novice learn to cook with this book?

This is a book for everyone, the recipes and methods have been simplified, list of ingredients shortened and very often one pot dishes, which makes clearing up much easier. The instructions are simple and clear for everyone's enjoyment.

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