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Monday, 14 July 2014

Ten things you only do at the airport

1.   Splash out at World Duty Free, so many bargains and tax savings it's hard to resist that perfume, make-up, the nail polish oh and the Ray Bans.
2.   Look out for a celeb! Loads of famous faces have passed through Belfast City Airport from Jamie Dornan to Little Mix.
3.   Buy more books than you can possibly read on holiday at WH Smith. From the latest Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) to Clive Cussler, you've got to get your hands on those crisp new pages.
4.   Have a pint and a full Ulster Fry before your flight, even if it’s early, fuel for the journey.
5.   Stock up on mini toiletry products at Boots because you can’t possible fit the normal size product in your hand luggage. Then you remember you've forgotten after-sun, insect repellent and party feet.
6.   Walk around with a newly purchased Toblerone and a tin of short bread. You’re buying it as a gift, a gift for yourself! 
7.   You've had this holiday booked for months but you haven't got round to changing your money yet. It's a good thing Travelex has some of the best currency exchange rates on the market. 
8.   Use the free Wi-Fi to look up holiday phrases. You can't learn the whole language in 50 mins but you can master the basics  uno más amigo bebida (one more drink please)!
9.  Down a bottle of water quickly (to stay hydrated) then need the loo as soon as you step on the plane.  
10.        Show off you mismatching socks. The socks looked to be the same when you put them on this morning but when asked to remove your shoes at security you discovered they are in fact completely different.

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