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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The World In Pictures - Siobhain Danaher Exhibition

Siobhain Danaher has traveled over 58,200 air miles to bring her stunning travel photography exhibition to George Best Belfast City Airport.View it in arrivals from August 3rd 2014.

What is your exhibition about?

Clouds and Sky Mont Blanc Italy 
My Travel Photography Exhibition gives an insight into the beauty of many destinations around the world and the vibrant and welcoming people that call these places home.
The world is a magical place and I have been very fortunate that my travels have taken me form the heights of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan to the winding canals of Venice.
This exhibition is a collection of images from those travels including Bhutan, Cuba, India, New York, Venice and Vietnam. 
This exhibition for me is a realisation of my dream of becoming a Travel Photographer which I have been working towards over the past 4 years.
I would like to think my exhibition will inspire others to travel, create art and pursue their own dreams, no matter how big or small.

What is your favourite picture and why?

Havana Cuba
 My favourite image is  - Aerial view - Havana, Cuba.

This image was taken in my favourite destination and one I will return to someday - Cuba.
A mixture of raw beauty and unique sights, sounds and aromas makes this a most wonderful place to photograph.
Cuban people are incredibly welcoming and even though they may not appear wealthy in monetary terms, they possess a wealth of spirit that is both admirable and humbling.
As with all photographs they tend to jog our memory of times gone by and some images will stay in our memory longer than others. This is by far by most favourite memory as it was shot as I took my first steps to becoming a Travel Photographer.
I was in Cuba to attend Lorne Resnick's Travel Photography workshop and captured this image taken on my first day as I leaned out of the balcony of my 'Casa Particular' (Cuba's equivalent to a B&B).
The scene was set as I watched Cubans go about their daily business, the classic blue car in the background, the deteriorated street, the people walking by unaware of the captivated audience above them.
I waited patiently as the sun moved to align the shadows and just as this happened the two ladies walking by carrying their shopping entered the image which became the focal point of the image.

Describe the benefits of having your exhibition displayed in an airport?

Bhutanese Dancers
Displaying my exhibition in an airport has many benefits.
It enables me to reach a wide audience and in most cases an audience that shares the same love of travel as I do.
Most people have some spare time at airports, whether waiting for their own flights or waiting for loved ones to arrive and my exhibition gives them an opportunity to see the sights of the world and maybe take some inspiration to book their next adventure.
The airport is the perfect place to display my exhibition as it is through airports that most journeys to the world of travel begin.

Why should people stop and take a look in arrivals?

I hope people will stop to view my exhibition as one of my aims is to inspire people to travel more, to experience the beauty of the world we all inhabit and to see how cultures as different as they may seem are also very much the same.
I sincerely hope viewers in George Best Belfast City Airport enjoy my exhibition as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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